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Dying to Sell

- A Hadley Bourdreaux Mystery
(68111 words)

(to be published)


Dying to Sell, introduces Hadley Boudreaux an unmarried thirty-year-old real estate agent, who loves working in her hometown, Thibodaux, Louisiana. The atmosphere at Ferguson's Realty where Hadley works has become strained due to personality conflicts between Hadley's boss Ana Ferguson and another member of staff, Patrick Arceneaux. Things look set to calm down when Ana fires Patrick. But when Hadley discovers Ana's dead body in her office, everyone suspects Patrick killed her.

Hadley isn't convinced Patrick is the only suspect and with the help of family and friends, she plans to find out who murdered her boss. It would be a lot easier if her cousin James, a member of the local police force would provide her with inside information, but he’s made it clear that trying to find a killer is a dangerous business. While that may be true, Hadley is not going to be put off even if she gets a threat or two. But when she finds the culprit, she didn’t bargain on a life-threatening encounter.

Dying to Dance

(in progress 75'000 words)

Deep Down
(3351 words)

(710 words)

The Fellowship of Butterflies
(2665 words)

Unusual Safari Sightings
(1171 words)

(1171 words)

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